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2010-2013: MA, Visual Culture. University of Copenhagen, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen.

1995: MFA, Fashion Design. Domus Academy, Milan.

1992-1994: University Studies in Fine Arts. Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan.

1986-1990: Degree of BA-level, Graphic Design. The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts, Reykjavik.


Art & Design Exhibitions

2014: This is us – photo exhibition organized by DR-kunstklub on the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark. DR Byen in Copenhagen, Main Library Aarhus, Esbjerg Library and Borgen Shopping Center in Sønderborg.

2011: Studenternes Galleri vinterudstilling – art exhibition. Studenterhuset – Art Gallery, Købmagergade, Copenhagen.

2009: Gallery – international fashion fair. Forum, Copenhagen.

2008: Flow – art & design exhibition of KorpArt. Korpulfsstadir – Center of Visual Arts, Reykjavik.

2007: Lyrical fashion show with a swing of tango – catwalk of Xirena jewel clothing. Korpulfsstadir – Center of Visual Arts, Reykjavik

2007: Meter – art & design exhibition of KorpArt. Korpulfsstadir – Center of Visual Arts, Reykjavik.

2007: Design Accents – design trade fair (now named: Design Tokyo). Expo, Tokyo. Organized in cooperation with the Trade Council of Iceland.

1995: Graduation catwalk of the Domus Academy, Milan.

1994: About a woman, from a woman – art exhibition. Portið – Art Gallery, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland.

1990: Graduation exhibition of The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts. Kjarvalsstadir – Art Museum, Reykjavik.

1989: The fifty-year anniversary of the Association of Icelandic Architects – graphic design exhibition. Asmundarsafn – Art Museum, Reykjavik.


Artist Residency

2007-2008: Korpulfsstadir – Center of Visual Arts, Reykjavik.


Professional Experience

2015-today: Online Marketing Specialist. Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik.

2015: Lecturer. Iceland Academy of the Arts, Department of Design and Achitecture.

2013-2015: Visual Artist and Designer. Self-Employed Copenhagen/ Reykjavik.

2006-2010: Managing Director, Designer and Owner. Xirena ehf – design and art studio, Reykjavik. Operation: Design, production and sales of my own clothing brand Xirena.

1997-2005: Fashion Stylist and Head Graphic Designer. Nytt Lif – leading fashion magazine in Iceland, published by the publishing house Birtíngur, Reykjavik.

1996: Freelance Designer in Milan.

1990-1992: Graphic Designer. Gott Folk – advertising design agency, Reykjavik.

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